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School Faculty & Staff:

Academics: Section Title


Fr. Tony Issac - The Principal

Fr. Tomy Antony - The Manager

Sr. Rani K.C. - The Headmistress


Coordinators: Junu Boro, Bhumija Medhi, Julia Narzary, Kalpana Rabha & Lakshyajit Choudhury


Sports Practice


Football, Basketball, Kho-kho, Kabbadi, Cricket, Table Tennis, Track & Field, Karate, Taekwondo, Yoga, etc.

English Medium School

Growing to national and international scenarios...

Student Writing

Arts Education & Performing Arts

Arts & Crafts, Photography


Technology - Education
(Smart Class facilities, Audio-visual contents, etc.)

Keyboard and Mouse


Science Lab, Science Exhibitions, Science Club activities, etc.


Priority to Maths, interactive sessions, do & learn approach, Club activities etc. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Assamese, Hindi, Garo & Modern Indian Languages (MIL)

Multilingual students and teachers enrich our community.

Open Notebook
Academics: Services
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