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Fr. Tony Issac - The Principal
Fr. Tomy Antony - The Manager
Sr. Rani K.C. - The Headmistress

Our Mission

The mission of St. Francis School is to inspire all students to reach their full potential and motivate them to discover their interests and talents and pursue their goals and dreams to be better human beings.

In a multicultural and multireligious societal setting, we value and nurture each person and encourage the passion to excel with confidence and hope in the classroom and in life.

We prepare our students to become productive, responsible, ethical, and creative members of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to mould the personality of the children, primarily from the rural background by imparting value-based education, consistent with India’s democratic and secular culture and equipping them with Academic and Life skills to meet the challenges of the ever-changing, sophisticated, competitive and technology-driven world of today so that they can lead the nation from the front.

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